Map of the co-suitability of Halyomorpha halys and its two parasitoids (A) and the map of the co-suitability of Trissolcus japonicus and T. mitsukurii (B) at the Italian scale. Pixels are considered with scarce suitability if suitable according to less than three criteria and with good suitability if suitable according to three criteria or more.

  Part of: Tortorici F, Bombi P, Loru L, Mele A, Moraglio ST, Scaccini D, Pozzebon A, Pantaleoni RA, Tavella L (2023) ´╗┐Halyomorpha halys and its egg parasitoids Trissolcus japonicus and T. mitsukurii: the geographic dimension of the interaction. NeoBiota 85: 197-221.