Temporal accumulation of first reports of tree EIDs since 2000 for four host genera with the greatest total number of EID reports in the dataset. Note the nativity classification corresponds to the nativity of particular host species, not the genus as a whole. Models were fitted as y ~ a × exp(b × x) + c, where y is the cumulative number of new reports and x is the number of years elapsed since 2000 (the first year of data collection). To facilitate interpretation and visualisation, x was back-transformed to year (by adding 2000). See also Suppl. material 1: fig. S4.

  Part of: Gougherty AV (2023) Emerging tree diseases are accumulating rapidly in the native and non-native ranges of Holarctic trees. NeoBiota 87: 143-160. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.87.103525