Relationships of alien plant species numbers in the South-Asian region for mainland states A naturalized species relationship with native species (mainland: r=0.77, t=0.59, p=0.12, df=5) B invasive species relationship with naturalized species (mainland: r=0.67, t=-0.11, p=0.91, df=5) C species area relationship for naturalized species (mainland: r=0.77, t=2.83, p=0.04, df=5) D species area relationship for invasive species (mainland: r=0.92, t=1.00, p=0.008, df=5).

  Part of: Bhatta S, Shrestha BB, Pyšek P (2023) Invasive alien plants in South Asia: Impacts and management. NeoBiota 88: 135-167.