Habitats of Cryptostegia in Madagascar A C. madagascariensis forming low shrubs in savannah with typical baobab vegetation, Morondava-Manja area, west-central Madagascar B C. madagascariensis, in littoral locality forming dense, low stands on compacted sand, Ramena beach, Diego Suarez, northern Madagascar C gallery-forest habitat of C. grandiflora in south-west Madagascar, along dry river bed D lianas of C. grandiflora growing into the canopy of tamarind trees within gallery forest, Betioky, south-west Madagascar.

  Part of: Seier MK, Rapini A, Pollard KM, Barreto RW, Evans HC (2023) Tracing the origins and tracking the movements of invasive rubber vines (Cryptostegia spp., Apocynaceae). NeoBiota 89: 95-133. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.89.109180