Examples of Australian Acacia species found in this study. A Acacia salicina with green pods in the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens B A. viscidula root sucker in a naturalised population in Newlands, Cape Town C A. pendula. Galls from a biological agent (Dasineura dielsi) released to control A. cyclops are visible in Bloemfontein D A. provincialis seedling showing juvenile bipinnate leaves attached to the stem and to the ends of the first few phyllodes, there are no bipinnate leaves on older phyllodes E A seed of A. piligera collected at Tokai, Cape Town F A planted individual of A. floribunda showing phyllodes and flower spikes in Johannesburg. Photos A–C, E, F: Nkoliso Magona; D: John Wilson

  Part of: Magona N, Richardson DM, Le Roux JJ, Kritzinger-Klopper S, Wilson JRU (2018) Even well-studied groups of alien species might be poorly inventoried: Australian Acacia species in South Africa as a case study. NeoBiota 39: 1-29. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.39.23135