Fitted effects of experimental mowing treatments on vital rates. Experimental mowing treatments are indicated by their code (69, 89, 679, 689, see Table 1) and figures present fitted effects on A) mean plant height in September per year, B) flowering probability, C) fecundity and D) the development of seeds (see details of statistical models in main text and Suppl. material 1). Suppl. material 1 Effects in A–C are relative to that of the control treatment (0) and for B–D across all years as a function of the back-transformed covariable plant height in September. Dotted ends of lines in C and of the horizontal line at the bottom of D indicate where models were extrapolated beyond the range of observed plant height values.

  Part of: Lommen STE, Jongejans E, Leitsch-Vitalos M, Tokarska-Guzik B, Zalai M, Müller-Schärer H, Karrer G (2018) Time to cut: population models reveal how to mow invasive common ragweed cost-effectively. NeoBiota 39: 53-78.