Effect-cost relationships of mowing regimes for the Austrian reference population in 2014 (AT14) for seed survival scenario H. For each mowing regime (dots with labels indicating the months of cutting, see Table 1) and the untreated control (the dot at x = 0), the intrinsic growth rate r (as mean of the 5 years of experimental data) is plotted versus the relative costs of the regime (equalling the number of cuts). Mowing regimes theoretically simulated (by removing or adding the September cut to experimental treatments in the model, see Table 1) are indicated with an asterisk. Lines connect consecutive cuts, showing how extending mowing regimes with additional cuts at specific moments alters r.

  Part of: Lommen STE, Jongejans E, Leitsch-Vitalos M, Tokarska-Guzik B, Zalai M, Müller-Schärer H, Karrer G (2018) Time to cut: population models reveal how to mow invasive common ragweed cost-effectively. NeoBiota 39: 53-78. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.39.23398