Mean +SE density (ind. ha-1) of Prunus serotina within experimental plots of 14 tree species in 2005 and in 2013. Asterisks mark significance levels of differences between inventories in 2005 and 2013 (* – p < 0.05, ** – p < 0.01), based on Student’s t-test. Letters under bars represent significance of differences among tree species in 2013, based on Kruskal-Wallis tests; there are no statistically significant differences between values marked by the same letter.

  Part of: Jagodziński AM, Dyderski MK, Horodecki P, Knight KS, Rawlik K, Szmyt J (2019) Light and propagule pressure affect invasion intensity of Prunus serotina in a 14-tree species forest common garden experiment. NeoBiota 46: 1-21.