Conceptual figure showing the key elements and key steps for developing a framework for global scenarios (WP I) and models (WPs II, III) of biological invasions, from which continental and regional scenarios and models will be derived (WPs IV, V, VI). The figure is composed of a conceptual layer (boxes) that describes the stepwise scenario- and model-development process from initial data assessment and mobilisation to storyline construction, model quantification and, finally, to the synthesis of the full biological invasion scenarios and their communication. The position of the seven WPs of AlienScenarios along this scenario- and model-development axis is shown separately for global and regional scenarios.

  Part of: Essl F, Lenzner B, Courchamp F, Dullinger S, Jeschke JM, Kühn I, Leung B, Moser D, Roura-Pascual N, Seebens H (2019) Introducing AlienScenarios: a project to develop scenarios and models of biological invasions for the 21 st century. NeoBiota 45: 1-17.