Spatial distribution of deleterious impact evidence for the 11 alien parrot species in Europe, by a countries within Europe (n = 122) and b regions across the world (n = 316; Africa, Australia, Europe, Far East, Indian-subcontinent, Latin America, Middle East, North America). Evidence is further split by GISS impact category. Numbers refer to corresponding number of evidence entries, which include those from captivity. Parrot species occurrence data used to derive parrot species richness maps were taken from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF,

  Part of: White RL, Strubbe D, Dallimer M, Davies ZG, Davis AJ.S, Edelaar P, Groombridge J, Jackson HA, Menchetti M, Mori E, Nikolov BP, Pârâu LG, Pečnikar Živa F, Pett TJ, Reino L, Tollington S, Turbé A, Shwartz A (2019) Assessing the ecological and societal impacts of alien parrots in Europe using a transparent and inclusive evidence-mapping scheme. NeoBiota 48: 45-69.