Impact scores for all 11 alien parrot species combined per impact category, broken down by actual versus potential impact (a mean b maximum) and source type (c mean d maximum). Sample sizes are shown in square brackets and relate to levels as ordered in the legend (x signifies no data with an impact score).

  Part of: White RL, Strubbe D, Dallimer M, Davies ZG, Davis AJ.S, Edelaar P, Groombridge J, Jackson HA, Menchetti M, Mori E, Nikolov BP, Pârâu LG, Pečnikar Živa F, Pett TJ, Reino L, Tollington S, Turbé A, Shwartz A (2019) Assessing the ecological and societal impacts of alien parrots in Europe using a transparent and inclusive evidence-mapping scheme. NeoBiota 48: 45-69.