Proportion of sites with occurrence of IAS (dark green), IAS and AS (green), AS (light green) and without IAS (grey) by forest alliances [%] (Willner and Grabherr 2007) in 2,344 vegetation plots in the unmanaged natural forest sites of the NFR programme (n = 192). The highest proportions of IAS were found in floodplain forest alliances: Alnion glutinosae (Malcuit, 1929) (100%), Salicion albae (Soó, 1930) (93%), Salicion cinereae (Müller & Görs, 1958) (71%), Alnion incanae (Pawlowski in Pawlowski, Sokolowski and Wallisch 1928) (53%).

  Part of: Lapin K, Oettel J, Steiner H, Langmaier M, Sustic D, Starlinger F, Kindermann G, Frank G (2019) Invasive Alien Plant Species in Unmanaged Forest Reserves, Austria. NeoBiota 48: 71-96.