Diet composition and overlap within and amongst the four studied predators. 1 Bipartite network. Lower boxes correspond to the identified (dark grey) and unidentified (light grey) prey taxa consumed by predators. Line and prey box widths show how frequently prey taxa are consumed by predators. Liz. Unid.: lizard unidentified, Terr. Art. Unid.: terrestrial arthropod unidentified. 2 nMDS of abundance-based Bray-Curtis dissimilarity of predator diet samples (solid dots). Solid lines represent the dispersion of a particular sample compared to the barycentre of its predator group.

  Part of: Zarzoso-Lacoste D, Bonnaud E, Corse E, Dubut V, Lorvelec O, De Meringo H, Santelli C, Meunier J-Y, Ghestemme T, Gouni A, Vidal E (2019) Stuck amongst introduced species: Trophic ecology reveals complex relationships between the critically endangered Niau kingfisher and introduced predators, competitors and prey. NeoBiota 53: 61-82.