InvasiBES aims to use scenarios and models to understand and manage the impacts of Invasive Alien Species on biodiversity and ecosystem services. First, we will develop intervention scenarios with other scientists and stakeholders and select Invasive Species of Interest for the project (WP 1). Second, we will use standard protocols such as EICAT and SEICAT (S/EICAT) to evaluate the impacts of species on biodiversity and ecosystem services (WP 2). This information will then be combined with species distribution models (SDM) under current and future climate conditions in Europe and the US (WP3-4). Local-scale studies combining field data and scenario generation (through InVEST) will be used to evaluate the real-world costs and benefits of IAS management (WP5). Deliverables of the project include spatially-explicit assessments of the threat posed by invasive species to biodiversity and ecosystem services under a range of climate-change and intervention scenarios.

  Part of: Gallardo B, Bacher S, Bradley B, Comín FA, Gallien L, Jeschke JM, Sorte CJB, Vilà M (2019) InvasiBES: Understanding and managing the impacts of Invasive alien species on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. NeoBiota 50: 109-122.