Brown treesnake catch per unit effort (CPUE) per trap night for bird-lure camera traps and bird- and mouse-lure live traps from 08 May through 05 October 2014 on the Guam National Wildlife Refuge, Guam. Open squares represent capturing a photographic image of the snake. Open and closed circles represent actual successful snake captures from traps. Phase I = only bird-lure traps deployed, Phase II = both bird- and mouse-lure traps deployed, and Phase III = both bird- and mouse-lure traps deployed with snake removal from mouse-lure traps only. Cameras were deployed on bird-lure traps during all three phases.

  Part of: Yackel Adams AA, Nafus MG, Klug PE, Lardner B, Mazurek MJ, Savidge JA, Reed RN (2019) Contact rates with nesting birds before and after invasive snake removal: estimating the effects of trap-based control. NeoBiota 49: 1-17.