Schematic of brown treesnake activity outcomes at bird-lure camera traps (n = 8). A portion of snake observations were probably repeated instances of one snake’s efforts to capture the prey (e.g., brief absence and return to field of view in close spatial proximity to departure location and similar physical attributes [broken tail, size]) and were therefore counted as a single snake event. Trap contact consisted of the snake making physical contact with the trap. Trap entry consisted of snakes using either entrance to enter the trap. Values listed parenthetically represent the number of snakes for a specified outcome, with snakes captured in traps being the desired outcome for management.

  Part of: Yackel Adams AA, Nafus MG, Klug PE, Lardner B, Mazurek MJ, Savidge JA, Reed RN (2019) Contact rates with nesting birds before and after invasive snake removal: estimating the effects of trap-based control. NeoBiota 49: 1-17.