We observed temporal (a) and spatial (b) effects on brown treesnake captures at bird- and mouse-lure traps (note: graphs do not include camera data). Capture intervals (days between capturing any snake in a bird-lure trap) decreased as length of time from study start date increased (a). Catch per unit effort (CPUE, snakes/100 trap nights) was greater for bird-lure (closed circles) and mouse-lure (open circles) transects that were closer to the cliff-line (E–F; see b). In panel b, the solid black line indicates mean bird-lure trap CPUE and dashed line is mean mouse-lure trap CPUE from this study.

  Part of: Yackel Adams AA, Nafus MG, Klug PE, Lardner B, Mazurek MJ, Savidge JA, Reed RN (2019) Contact rates with nesting birds before and after invasive snake removal: estimating the effects of trap-based control. NeoBiota 49: 1-17. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.49.35592