Modelled kill rate estimates (95% CI) for different treatments. Salt = cut and paint salt solution, Dig = manual uprooting, Stub = cut and paint glyphosate, Leaf = glyphosate leaf treatment. For ease of comparison we plotted the average predictions across all dune areas for the median amount of stems (10) and the mean log(volume) (5.2). Significant differences between treatments were tested with a post-hoc Tukey test. Treatments with the same letters above are not significantly different (p < 0.05).

  Part of: Adriaens T, Verschelde P, Cartuyvels E, D'hondt B, Vercruysse E, van Gompel W, Dewulf E, Provoost S (2019) A preliminary field trial to compare control techniques for invasive Berberis aquifolium in Belgian coastal dunes. NeoBiota 53: 41-60.