Maximum feeding rate (MFR) calculated for each treatment in the competitor-signal experiments (1/hT, where h is estimated handling time and T is experimental duration). Treatment codes represent the focal and competitor crayfish species in each treatment – L = F. limosus alone, LL = F. limosus with an F. limosus competitor, LV = F. limosus with an F. virilis competitor, V = F. virilis alone, VL = F. virilis with an F. limosus competitor, and VV = F. virilis with an F. virilis competitor. F. limosus used in these experiments came from an invasive population, whereas F. virilis came from a native population. Bars indicate the standard errors of the MFR calculated by propagating the model fit standard error given for h for each treatment. Differences in letters above error bars indicate significant differences (α = 0.05) between treatments. n = 33 for each treatment.

  Part of: Grimm J, Dick JTA, Verreycken H, Jeschke JM, Linzmaier S, Ricciardi A (2020) Context-dependent differences in the functional responses of conspecific native and non-native crayfishes. NeoBiota 54: 71-88.