Proportion of responses to statements on values with significant associations to at least one predictor variable. Field of work was associated with the respondents’ definitions of biodiversity (Statement 1, panel a) and “NNS should be conserved for potential future value” (Statement 2, panel b), and the distinction between native species and NNS was artificial (Statement 3, panel c). Age (years) was associated with responses to Statement 3 (panel d). All species=all species, including non-native species, domesticated species and invasive species; Exclude invasive=native and most non-native species, but excluding invasive species; Useful NNS=native species and socially appreciated non-native species; Exclude recent=native species and non-native species that have been present for a “long time” (e.g. >100 years); Native only = only native. <34 = 34 years and younger, 34–55 = between 34 and 55 years, and >55 = 55 years and older.

  Part of: Gbedomon RC, Salako VK, Schlaepfer MA (2020) Diverse views among scientists on non-native species. NeoBiota 54: 49-69.