Differences in total dry biomass (a), aboveground biomass (b) and rhizomatous biomass (c) between the L (light), M (mowed), S (shaded), LM (half-light – half-mowed) and LS (half-light – half-shaded) treatments. For analyses at the pot scale, letters are used to indicate the significance level of differences (treatments not sharing the same letter were significantly different at p < 0.05). For analyses at the half-pot scale, stars are used to indicate significant differences between habitat patches (* = p < 0.05; ** = p < 0.01; *** = p < 0.001; ns = not significant). As a reminder, differences among pot-halves have only been investigated for heterogeneous treatments (i.e. LM and LS).

  Part of: Martin F-M, Dommanget F, Lavallée F, Evette A (2020) Clonal growth strategies of Reynoutria japonica in response to light, shade, and mowing, and perspectives for management. NeoBiota 56: 89-110. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.56.47511