A history of the expansion of the Chinese sleeper in Europe (the earliest introduction is indicated and highlighted in white) in relation to the location of sampling sites (sites in close geographic proximity pooled for demographic analyses and assigned the same number) B distribution and proportional abundance of Chinese sleeper cytochrome b haplogroups in the study area. Haplogroup I (yellow), haplogroup II (red), haplogroup III (subgroup IIIa – green; subgroup IIIb – blue).

  Part of: Grabowska J, Kvach Yu, Rewicz T, Pupins M, Kutsokon I, Dykyy I, Antal L, Zięba G, Rakauskas V, Trichkova T, Čeirāns A, Grabowski M (2020) First insights into the molecular population structure and origins of the invasive Chinese sleeper, Perccottus glenii, in Europe. NeoBiota 57: 87-107. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.57.48958