Density conceptual framework. A Areal reference. Cluster density (CD) reduced by reef coverage (RC) results in reef density (RD). Depicted are three stations (3/4/5 à 0.0625 m²), two station connecting transects (3-4/4-5) for RC and 1 m² encompassing CD/RD. B Density attributes. Abundance was calculated for SL-related population categories of live oysters, oyster shell and live mussels. Areal biomass was calculated from total abundance, respectively. Depicted are oysters and mussels in a cluster (top view). FM = cooked flesh mass, live = abundance of live oysters or mussels, LWM = live wet mass, shell = abundance of live oysters and post-mortem oyster shells, SM = shell mass of live oysters and post-mortem oyster shells, SM LIVE = shell mass of live oysters or mussels. See text for details.

  Part of: Markert A (2020) How dense is dense? Toward a harmonized approach to characterizing reefs of non-native Pacific oysters – with consideration of native mussels. NeoBiota 57: 7-52.