Oyster shape and classification of reef types. A Site- (SP-DN) and size-dependent (small/large) oyster shape. Plotted is individual LWM (g) per SL (mm) against SL (mm) of 8 SL classes per site. B Density-related (low/high) variation of oyster shape. Plotted is individual LWM (g) of 8 SL classes against large live oyster RD per site and year. Exponential trend of density-related shape difference indicated per SL class. C Determination of the threshold density of 44 large live oyster RD to classify sites into simple reefs with low reef density (LRD) and complex reefs with high reef density (HRD). Displayed is the linear relation of large live oyster RD to the sum of their SL. R² = coefficient of determination.

  Part of: Markert A (2020) How dense is dense? Toward a harmonized approach to characterizing reefs of non-native Pacific oysters – with consideration of native mussels. NeoBiota 57: 7-52. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.57.49196