Variability of oyster LWM (kg) RD estimated for the study period 2008-2012. Displayed is the relative deviation (%) from nominal reef density (NRD). NRD was estimated by using unique TF. Deviations were estimated by using weighted TF (LRD, HRD), local TF (SP, DN) or CF of two other studies (SH, KATS). A Variability at the study sites. Sites arranged from mighty (SP) to slender (DN) oyster shape, equivalent to increasing reef density at simple (top) and complex reefs (bottom). B Variability in the study region. Range of deviation highlighted for TF of this study (gray area).

  Part of: Markert A (2020) How dense is dense? Toward a harmonized approach to characterizing reefs of non-native Pacific oysters – with consideration of native mussels. NeoBiota 57: 7-52.