Mussel shape and allometric scaling. A Size-dependent (young/old) and density-related (LRD, HRD) mussel shape. Plotted is individual LWM (g) per SL (mm) against SL (mm) of 6 SL classes per site. B Determination of LWM weighted CF. Plotted is LWM (g) against SL (mm) of 6 SL classes after pooling individual metrics from 2008 through 2012 according to reef type. Given are powered relationships and coefficients of determination (R²). Old (large) mussels highlighted (gray area). Number of mussels per SL class is given (N). Scaling parameters of all weighted CF are listed in Table 2.

  Part of: Markert A (2020) How dense is dense? Toward a harmonized approach to characterizing reefs of non-native Pacific oysters – with consideration of native mussels. NeoBiota 57: 7-52.