Comparison of impact derived from use of Catch Per Unit Effort and biomass, whereby CPUE gives a misleading impact assessment of the extralimital predator. CPUE data were taken from Bokhutlo et al. (2016) and Richardson et al. (2006), with unpublished biomass data from O.L.F Weyl taken from Dick et al. (2017c).

  Part of: Dickey JWE, Cuthbert RN, South J, Britton JR, Caffrey J, Chang X, Crane K, Coughlan NE, Fadaei E, Farnsworth KD, Ismar-Rebitz SMH, Joyce PWS, Julius M, Laverty C, Lucy FE, MacIsaac HJ, McCard M, McGlade CLO, Reid N, Ricciardi A, Wasserman RJ, Weyl OLF, Dick JTA (2020) On the RIP: using Relative Impact Potential to assess the ecological impacts of invasive alien species. NeoBiota 55: 27-60.