Changes in the frequency (number at bottom of column), and proportion of confidence (high – grey, medium – orange, and low – blue) in each of the five impact Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT) categories scored for amphibians. Impact scores follow Hawkins et al. 2015: Minimal Concern (MC), Minor (MN), Moderate (MO), Major (MR) and Massive (MV).

  Part of: Measey J, Wagener C, Mohanty NP, Baxter-Gilbert J, Pienaar EF (2020) The cost and complexity of assessing impact. In: Wilson JR, Bacher S, Daehler CC, Groom QJ, Kumschick S, Lockwood JL, Robinson TB, Zengeya TA, Richardson DM. NeoBiota 62: 279-299.