Comparison of (A) the different stages of the invasion process (based on Colautti et al. 2006) to (B) the three, linked coupled human-natural systems (CHANS) that potentially overlap these stages. The ‘Source’ CHANS encompassess the response of people in the region from which non-natives originate (i.e. the human system) to changes in and the collection of their own native biodiversity (i.e. the natural system). The ‘Recipient’ CHANS captures interactions between people and the introduction, establishment and spread of non-natives.The ‘Transport’ CHANS links the response of people to non-natives in the recipient region to the ongoing and future transport of organisms from the source region.

  Part of: Sinclair JS, Brown JA, Lockwood JL (2020) Reciprocal human-natural system feedback loops within the invasion process. In: Wilson JR, Bacher S, Daehler CC, Groom QJ, Kumschick S, Lockwood JL, Robinson TB, Zengeya TA, Richardson DM. NeoBiota 62: 489-508.