Alignment of Blackburn et al. (2011) scheme with categories in Hawai‘i’s non-native species checklist. Bar graphs depict counts of species that are considered “Naturalised” (purple) and “Questionably Naturalised” (orange) in Hawai‘i per island, with state-wide totals next to checklist status names. Coloured polygons represent alignment or misalignment with the recommended categories. Full descriptions of Blackburn et al. (2011) categories are available in Table 2.

  Part of: Brock KC, Daehler CC (2020) Applying an invasion and risk framework to track non-native island floras: a case study of challenges and solutions in Hawai‘i. In: Wilson JR, Bacher S, Daehler CC, Groom QJ, Kumschick S, Lockwood JL, Robinson TB, Zengeya TA, Richardson DM. NeoBiota 62: 55-79.