The extent to which the frameworks have influenced citing papers broken down by (a) environment and (b) taxonomic groups. The frameworks are the Pathway Classification (Hulme et al. 2008), the Unified Framework (Blackburn et al. 2011), and EICAT (Blackburn et al. 2014; Hawkins et al. 2015). The widths of the bars are proportional to the number of citations. The degree to which the framework was used in the citing paper increases from left to right on each figure [from general, to definition, to broad (application), to specific (application)]. The data are in Suppl. material 1, and the methodology used for scoring in Suppl. material 2.1.

  Part of: Wilson JRU, Datta A, Hirsch H, Keet J-H, Mbobo T, Nkuna KV, Nsikani MM, Pyšek P, Richardson DM, Zengeya TA, Kumschick S (2020) Is invasion science moving towards agreed standards? The influence of selected frameworks. In: Wilson JR, Bacher S, Daehler CC, Groom QJ, Kumschick S, Lockwood JL, Robinson TB, Zengeya TA, Richardson DM. NeoBiota 62: 569-590.