Reasons for citing the frameworks based on the response to a questionnaire sent to corresponding authors. The frameworks are the Pathway Classification (Hulme et al. 2008), the Unified Framework (Blackburn et al. 2011), and EICAT (Blackburn et al. 2014; Hawkins et al. 2015). The categories Negative, Supportive, Personal Influence, Creative, and Classic are based on Shadish et al. (1995). See Suppl. material 2.2 for a copy of the questionnaire and Suppl. material 2.6 for the full results and how the questions map on to different categories.

  Part of: Wilson JRU, Datta A, Hirsch H, Keet J-H, Mbobo T, Nkuna KV, Nsikani MM, Pyšek P, Richardson DM, Zengeya TA, Kumschick S (2020) Is invasion science moving towards agreed standards? The influence of selected frameworks. In: Wilson JR, Bacher S, Daehler CC, Groom QJ, Kumschick S, Lockwood JL, Robinson TB, Zengeya TA, Richardson DM. NeoBiota 62: 569-590.