Study area and collection sites (red dots) of Scinax quinquefasciatus specimens in the highlands of Santa Cruz, Galápagos, Ecuador. A = Rancho El Manzanillo (core locality). B – G = additional collection sites within the agricultural area (grey shading) of the island. 1.1) Larvae of the endemic diving beetle Thermonectus basillarus galapagoensis. 1.2) Adult of the introduced frog Scinax quinquefasciatus. Not to scale.

  Part of: Moretta-Urdiales MM, Ernst R, Pontón-Cevallos J, Bermúdez JR, Jäger H (2020) Eat and be eaten: trophic interactions of the introduced frog Scinax quinquefasciatus in anthropogenic environments in Galápagos. NeoBiota 61: 17-31.