Estimated barycenters of home range centers (HRC) of rats recaptured in the CMR grid. Only HRC of rats recaptured at least once in the CMR grid (n = 27), before (HRCbefore) and after (HRCafter) rat removal had been initiated are presented here. Grey and black dots represent individual rat HRC barycenters before and after removal, respectively, while green and red filled circles represent the average HRC barycenters across individuals before and after removal, respectively. Twenty-seven other individuals first captured in the CMR area were recaptured in snap-traps in the removal area (red lines and black stars).

  Part of: Duron Q, Cornulier T, Vidal E, Bourguet E, Ruffino L (2020) Combining live and lethal trapping to inform the management of alien invasive rodent populations in a tropical montane forest. NeoBiota 63: 101-125.