Temporal trends in the invasion of naturalized species in continental Chile and adjacent marine habitats, for each taxonomic group for which data on introduction dates were available (terrestrial gastropods are not shown due to lack of data). The cumulative number of recorded species is shown over the last 200 years. A vascular plants B nonvascular plants C marine and freshwater macro and micro algae D fungi E insects F terrestrial vertebrate fauna and G marine and freshwater vertebrates and invertebrates.

  Part of: Fuentes N, Marticorena A, Saldaña A, Jerez V, Ortiz JC, Victoriano P, Moreno RA, Larraín J, Villaseñor-Parada C, Palfner G, Sánchez P, Pauchard A (2020) Multi-taxa inventory of naturalized species in Chile. NeoBiota 60: 25-41. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.60.55366