Yearly distribution of records on non-native tetrapods in the Iberian Peninsula. Year in x-axis refers to the most accurate timeframe information available and may indicate the time of publication (e.g., Spanish Atlas of Mammals in 2007), or the actual time of observation for the data (e.g., from citizen science platforms). Between 1912 and 1980 there are 138 records (<0.1% of total), not shown.

  Part of: Ascensão F, D'Amico M, Martins RC, Rebelo R, Barbosa AM, Bencatel J, Barrientos R, Abellán P, Tella JL, Cardador L, Anadón JD, Carrete M, Murgui E, Fernandes P, Santos SM, Mira A, da Luz Mathias M, Tiago P, Casabella E, Reino L, Paulo OS, Pereira HM, Capinha C (2021) Distribution of alien tetrapods in the Iberian Peninsula. NeoBiota 64: 1-21.