Distribution of alien conifers in the environmental space. Regeneration of six conifers in the environmental space made by the two first axes of the PCA. The circle of correlation of four environmental variables was projected on the graph: pH, litter thickness, canopy openness (referred to as “Light”), and soil drainage class (referred to as “Humidity”). The percentage of explained variance for each Principal Component is indicated. Dots represent all plots of the eight arboreta. Black dots are those in which at least one of the six species is regenerating. Density lines are drawn for each species along the two axes of the PCA.

  Part of: Fanal A, Mahy G, Fayolle A, Monty A (2021) Arboreta reveal the invasive potential of several conifer species in the temperate forests of western Europe. NeoBiota 64: 23-42. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.64.56027