Median per plant above-ground Bouteloua gracilis and Eragrostis lehmanniana biomass (grams dry weight) produced in a replacement series competition experiment in soils conditioned for 12 weeks by E. lehmanniana with sterile inoculum. Plants were grown for 12 weeks prior to harvesting. Within species, significant differences among E. lehmanniana (F3,89 = 10.932; p < 0.001) and B. gracilis (F3,90 = 12.475; p < 0.001) biomass are represented by letters, with similar letters over the bars indicating no difference in mean biomass between competition ratios. The boxes represent 25–75% interquartiles. The bold black lines inside the box represent the medians. Top and bottom whiskers indicate the maximum and minimum values, respectively.

  Part of: Buerdsell SL, Milligan BG, Lehnhoff EA (2021) Invasive plant benefits a native plant through plant-soil feedback but remains the superior competitor. NeoBiota 64: 119-136.