The costliest species (or group of species) per State/Territory. The left axis shows the percentage of the State’s/Territory’s total highly reliable, observed costs attributable to the species indicated and the right axis shows the value of these species in $US billion (2017 value). For all States/Territories, except Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Northern Territory (NT) and Tasmania, the costliest category is in fact diverse/unspecified. State/Territory abbreviations and species icons refer to: ACT = Australian Capital Territory (cats, foxes, rabbits); NSW = New South Wales (foxes); NT = Northern Territory (banana freckle disease Phyllosticta cavendishii), QLD = Queensland (red imported fire ants); SA = South Australia (common heliotrope Heliotropium europaeum); TAS = Tasmania (ragwort Senecio jacobaea); VIC = Victoria (common heliotrope); WA = Western Australia (annual ryegrass Lolium rigidum).

  Part of: Bradshaw CJA, Hoskins AJ, Haubrock PJ, Cuthbert RN, Diagne C, Leroy B, Andrews L, Page B, Cassey P, Sheppard AW, Courchamp F (2021) Detailed assessment of the reported economic costs of invasive species in Australia. In: Zenni RD, McDermott S, García-Berthou E, Essl F (Eds) The economic costs of biological invasions around the world. NeoBiota 67: 511-550.