Phylogenomic analysis of the nine hybrid genotypes and PCoA A Phylogenomic relationship within reference genome, pure and hybrid genotypes as inferred by REALPHY. Bootstrap values higher than 50 % are showed B PCoA on the distance matrix obtained by analysis of unlinked SNPs. Red and blue dots represent pure H. irregulare and H. annosum genotypes, respectively. Pink and cyan dots represents hybrid genotypes assigned as H. irregulare and H. annosum, respectively. Clusters were circled as follows: red for H. irregulare cluster, blue for H. annosum, and gray (dashed line) for F1 hybrids.

  Part of: Sillo F, Garbelotto M, Giordano L, Gonthier P (2021) Genic introgression from an invasive exotic fungal forest pathogen increases the establishment potential of a sibling native pathogen. NeoBiota 65: 109-136.