Proposed hierarchical structure of enKORE that will allow for an interactive and zoomable visualization of invasion science. enKORE will allow users to structure research done in biological invasions according to: (a) focal research questions (examples shown on top of the figure), (b) hypotheses addressing (some of) these questions (examples shown for one research question, see Enders et al. 2018, 2019, 2020 for details about these hypotheses) which can be further divided into sub-hypotheses (shown for the enemy release hypothesis, cf. Heger and Jeschke 2014, Jeschke and Heger 2018) and (c) other features of the publications and data. enKORE’s hierarchical structure will allow users to zoom from research questions into hypotheses, sub-hypotheses, publications and data, or vice versa to zoom out from publications and data to the hypotheses and research questions these address.

  Part of: Jeschke JM, Heger T, Kraker P, Schramm M, Kittel C, Mietchen D (2021) Towards an open, zoomable atlas for invasion science and beyond. NeoBiota 68: 5-18.