Causal impact of the first Union list on visits to Wikipedia pages about invasive alien mammals that were not included in the list. Upper plot: visits to pages of invasive mammals not in the list (solid line) versus the counterfactual, obtained from the visits to pages of native mammals (dashed line and highlighted area). Middle plot: estimated causal effect, expressed as the difference between treated and control time series. The causal effect was significant if its 95% credibility interval did not include zero. Lower plot: cumulative causal effect in time, significant only when the 95% credibility interval did not include zero.

  Part of: Cerri J, Carnevali L, Monaco A, Genovesi P, Bertolino S (2022) ´╗┐Blacklists do not necessarily make people curious about invasive alien species. A case study with Bayesian structural time series and Wikipedia searches about invasive mammals in Italy. NeoBiota 71: 113-128.