Stages of oocyte development in Lagocephalus sceleratus. Whole oocytes on the slide A and histological sections B–E from nucleolus to vitellogenesis; and F hydration: Primary growth (pg), cortical alveoli (ca), nucleus (N), vitellogenic oocytes (Vit), oil droplets (od), atretic oocyte (A), and hydrated oocytes (H). Scale bars 1 mm (A); 200 μm (B–E); 400 μm (F).

  Part of: Ulman A, Yildiz T, Demirel N, Canak O, Yemişken E, Pauly D (2021) The biology and ecology of the invasive silver-cheeked toadfish (Lagocephalus sceleratus), with emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean. NeoBiota 68: 145-175.