Seasonal variation of the Gonadosomatic Index (GSI) of Lagocephalus sceleratus in the Mediterranean and the Suez region, based on data by Sabrah 2006, (1st location at the bottom of the figure), Syria-Leb/Khalaf 2014 (2nd location), Lebanon/Boustany 2015 (3rd location), S. Cyprus/Rousou, 2014 (4th location), N. Cyprus/Akbora 2020 (5th location), Antalya Bay/Aydin 2011 (6th location), and Datça and Fethiye (top trend) from this study (values are averages of n = 14–340 fish per month, Suppl. material 1: Table S4). Note the trend toward a shorter spawning season as one moves North (upward from Suez).

  Part of: Ulman A, Yildiz T, Demirel N, Canak O, Yemişken E, Pauly D (2021) The biology and ecology of the invasive silver-cheeked toadfish (Lagocephalus sceleratus), with emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean. NeoBiota 68: 145-175.