European records for A Parectopa robiniella B Macrosaccus robiniella, and C Obolodiplosis robiniae. The first European record for each species is marked by a star, the subsequent spread is indicated by color-coded records in 5-year (A, B) or 2-year (C) intervals. The grid of black points around the distribution areas marks pseudo-absence locations in a 300 km buffer region formed by the minimum convex hull around the records for each species.

  Part of: Mally R, Ward SF, Trombik J, Buszko J, Medzihorsk√Ĺ V, Liebhold AM (2021) Non-native plant drives the spatial dynamics of its herbivores: the case of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) in Europe. NeoBiota 69: 155-175.