Representation of field deployment set-up over A space and B depth within reservoirs in the Willamette Basin, Oregon. Traps were placed at five sites per reservoir (as indicated with white circles) with traps at 1, 2.5 and 5 m from the benthos continued by traps at 5 m intervals to the surface along a single vertical deployment string held in place by an anchored buoy. Traps were clipped on to pre-tied loops in the deployment rope (represented as dashed orange ovals) to facilitate placement.

  Part of: Murphy CA, Gerth W, Neal T, Arismendi I (2022) A low-cost, durable, submersible light trap and customisable LED design for pelagic deployment and capture of fish parasite Salmincola sp. copepodids. NeoBiota 73: 1-17.