Comparison of mean observed values of the median (1st column), range (2nd column) and skewness (3rd column) of Sc of naturalized neophytes with the distribution of mean random values of the same parameters obtained from the null model. Results are for species in (a) forests and (b) grasslands. The dashed red line represents the mean observed value of each parameter across all species. The bars show the distribution of random values of each parameter. The range and skewness of Sc were standardised (Std.) as described in the Methods section. P-values indicate the proportion of the randomised parameters that are lower than the observed value.

  Part of: Cubino JP, Těšitel J, Fibich P, Lepš J, Chytrý M (2022) Alien plants tend to occur in species-poor communities. NeoBiota 73: 39-56.