Median Sc of naturalised neophytes across all plots where they occurred and in plots with relative cover greater or smaller than 12%. Species are classified, based on their occurrence in (a) forests and (b) grasslands. Only species that occurred in at least ten plots in each group of plots (i.e. those with relative cover ≥ 12% vs. those with relative cover < 12%) were considered. Asterisks (*) indicate significant (P < 0.05) differences in median Sc between groups following Mann-Whitney U Tests. Median Sc values and number of plots associated with each species can be found in Suppl. material 1: Appendix S5: Table S5.2.

  Part of: Cubino JP, Těšitel J, Fibich P, Lepš J, Chytrý M (2022) Alien plants tend to occur in species-poor communities. NeoBiota 73: 39-56.