The relationship between country size and a) the number of biomes in the country (Generalised linear model: t = 19.20, df = 106, P < 0.001); and b) the number of biomes with non-contiguous patches (Generalised linear model: t = 24.45, df = 106, P < 0.001). A similar pattern is evident for ecoregions (Suppl. material 3: Fig. S1). See Suppl. material 3 for full methods. USA: United States of America, Ind: India, Chi: China, Rus: Russia.

  Part of: Nelufule T, Robertson MP, Wilson JRU, Faulkner KT (2022) Native-alien populations—an apparent oxymoron that requires specific conservation attention. NeoBiota 74: 57-74.