Times to eradication with various release strategies in mice and other invasive mammals using Y-drive. A the X-chromosome shredding Y-drive is located on the Y chromosome, and cuts the X chromosome at multiple locations during spermatogenesis (with probability px = 0.96). The X-bearing sperm are destroyed and eggs are predominantly fertilized by Y-bearing sperm, causing disproportionately more male offspring B interquartile ranges for the time to eradication of mice with various spatial release strategies when the number of individuals released per patch, Ni, is varied and the maximum dispersal distance D = 3 patches, and C when Ni = 1 and D is varied (100 simulations for each combination) D violin plots showing the distributions of simulated times to eradication (1000 simulations for each species) and circles representing areas that each species with roughly 200,000 individuals would occupy. The colors of violin plots and circles represent probabilities of eradication and density estimates, respectively.

  Part of: Birand A, Cassey P, Ross JV, Thomas PQ, Prowse TAA (2022) ´╗┐Scalability of genetic biocontrols for eradicating invasive alien mammals. NeoBiota 74: 93-103. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.74.82394